Math resources are everywhere around you. Remember that the most important resource is your attitude. There are Soccer Moms, Hockey Moms, Swim Moms. Could you be an enthusiastic and supportive Math Mom? No worries - you do not need to be a math expert to be a Math Mom. Not all Soccer Moms are professional athletes. Some never even play soccer. You may need to be a woman, though... Alternatively - become a Math Dad. Here are a few simple steps that can help us all to become Math Moms and Dads:

  • Encourage and expect high achievements.
  • Avoid bad stereotypes.
  • Stimulate curiosity and search for answers together.
  • Explain your reasoning.
  • Observe and share the beauty of everyday math.
You are the best math guru your kids can get. Below are links to the books, games and toys that may help you present math to your kids as a toy, a tool and a friend.
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