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Give a book, because no one ever talks about the tie that changed his life.
Neal Sofman, bookshop co-owner.

Collection of Math Resources for Adults (age 16 and up)

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Present math to your kids as a candy: through fun stories and engaging family puzzles. We have over 200 unique puzzles and post three new puzzles every Friday.
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Fun Math Quizzes

These are popular and entertaining math quizzes that I wrote for the Boston Globe:
Click to download a ppt version to print and share.
Click to download a ppt version to print and share.

Puzzle Books

SAT Preparation Help

Interactive Math Lessons on a variety of topics
Khan Academy - online math lessons
Examtime math resources

Interactive age-sorted puzzles in Numbers & Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement and Data Analysis. This great national library of virtual manipulatives is created by Utah State University.

Fascinating Non-Fiction Math Gems

Fiction Books that Gently Fuse Math

TV / Movies


  • WNYC Radiolab: Numbers
    Captivating hour-long discussion about numbers: do we need them and why. How babies perceive them, whether it is natural to count by one, how one can use numbers to detect a fraud on a tax return, degrees of separation and more.

And don't forget our Family Puzzle Marathon. New puzzles are posted weekly.