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Collection of Math Resources for Elementary School Kids (age 6-12)

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Present math to your kids as a candy: through fun stories and engaging family puzzles. We have over 200 unique puzzles and post three new puzzles every Friday.
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This reasoning game triumphed through generations, continents and cultures. Your grandparents may have played it with a pencil and paper. Now your kids can enjoy the colorful plastic version.
Sleeping Queens by Gamewright (age 8 and up)
This one is my daughter's favorite. The Pancake Queen, The Ladybug Queen and ten of their closest friends have fallen under under a sleeping spell and your job is to wake them up. There are also dragons, knights, magical potions and wands. Simple number addition can help you here.
Three Of A Crime by Gamewright (age 8 and up)
This is my favorite: solve crime mystery by using logic and deductive reasoning.
Rush Hour by ThinkFun (age 8 and up)
This is my son's favorite. This game received a national award from Mensa and is used in elementary school math classes.
Blokus Classic (ages 5-12)
Europe's 2003 Game of the Year, also winner of Mensa award

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Apps

PopMath, PopMath Lite, PopMath Plus by Pop Soft
This is a great app for kids at elementary school age. Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by popping corresponding bubbles on the screen. There is a free version and two $0.99 versions.
MathGirl Number Garden and Math Girls Addition by Icanology LLC.
While numerous studies have shown that there is no difference between boys and girls in math capabilities, girls are still occasionally being stirred away from math in our culture. Presenting math (and sciences in general) in a relaxing girl-themed context has been shown to improve girls' math attitude. Preschoolers and young elementary school ladies will be charmed by these Apps' names and pink flowery graphics. They will practice grouping and counting objects in the Number Garden and adding them in the Addition app. The game follows a popular among kids pattern of solving puzzles, earning points and then spending them to buy something. In Number Garden kids populate their virtual garden by buying flowers, animals and even lakes. Each app is $1.99
Bubbling Math for iPad and Mac by Tappy Taps.
Nice practice app for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Parents or kids can select level of complexity for each kind of the operation. As child progresses new lands and places are unlocked. Parents can review the day-to-day progress and wrong answers. iPad app is $1.99, Mac version is $3.99
TrioMath for iPad
The game is about classic mental calculation. You use the four operations, together with random showed playing cards, to achieve as high score as possible. The game improves the mental calculation skill and the understanding of the priority rules of calculation. The competitive element force you to come up with the calculation, which will give you the highest possible score. The game is for 1 – 5 players and is free to download from the AppStore, contains no ads, and instead offers a one-time purchase of $2.99 to unlock the premium version. Age 7 – 99 years.
Pizza! by MotionMath for iPads and iPods
Make your pizza…grow your profit! In Motion Math: Pizza! (for iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, and iPod touch) you run a pizzeria, learning economics, proportional thinking, and mental math as you buy ingredients in the market, design your pizzas in the kitchen, and sell them to customers. Ages 7 and up.
Little kids will enjoy this centuries-old game while practicing some basic geometry skills. Free. A pro version is $0.99
Set by Pockent, LLC
Great card matching game for all ages. Develops logical thinking. Set Lite is free. A full app is available for $2.99.
Rush Hour by ThinkFun, Inc.
Start with the Free app, which offers 10 puzzles on each complexity level. This is a fun early introduction to programming.

CD-ROM Games

My family are big funs of the JumpStart series from Knowledge Adventure. We own most of the CD-ROMs listed below and kids frequently choose to play them. It is a great mix of safe engaging entertainment and intellectual stimulation on various topics (math, reading, science). Great activity for the summer idling.

Brain Play PK-1st Grade Cd Compilation

Scholastic Software Math Missions: they are as captivating as their names sound:

Race To Spectacle City
( grade K-2 )
The Amazing Arcade Adventure
( grade 3-5 )

Math Rider - a new intelligent fun math game for elementary school kids. It is geared towards getting kids to complete mastery of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The game speed adjusts according to player performance and when someone has indeed mastered an operation, game recognizes this very quickly. Kids build riders and gallop through an adventure to rescue the princess, suddenly realizing that they have mastered an addition or other math operation.

Online Fun

Donald in Mathemagic land: entertaining and simple 7min video about use of math in music, art and nature.

Interactive age-sorted puzzles in Numbers & Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement and Data Analysis. This great national library of virtual manipulatives is created by Utah State University


TV programs

Cyberchase by PBS

I would like to thank Anna Kijas-Masterson, Children's Librarian of the Needham Free Public Library for suggesting most of the above books.
Please contact TheMathMom with suggestions for any additional resources.