Collection of Math Resources for Middle Schoolers (age 12-16)

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Present math to your kids as a candy: through fun stories and engaging family puzzles. We have over 200 unique puzzles and post three new puzzles every Friday.
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Fun Math Quizzes

These are popular and entertaining math quizzes that I wrote for the Boston Globe:
Click to download a ppt version to print and share.
Click to download a ppt version to print and share.

Test Preparation Help

Interactive Math Lessons on a variety of topics
Khan Academy - online math lessons


40 Fabulous Math Mysteries Kids Can't Resist, by Marcia Miller and Martin Lee (Grades 4-8)

5-Minute Math Problem of the Day, by Marcia Miller and Martin Lee (grade 4-8)

Evelyn Krieger's book promotes a positive image of girls and math, and inspires a unique way of looking at numbers. The story has an interesting mix of characters and situations that make for a captivating read.

Also, see Puzzle Book list on the adult resources page.

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Apps

iHangMath by Ocean Blue Apps
A creative adaptation of the old favorite Hangman game. Only instead of the words you have a random multiplication sentence to decode. Great for kids who know the rules of long number multiplication as well as adults. $0.99
MotionMath by MotionMath
Learn fractions the Wii-style. MotionMath utilizes the iPhone's ability to sense motion with its gyroscope and gives players a physical connection to fractions and the number line. Users need to tilt the phone to guide falling balls with ratio values into proper positions along the number line. Cool and simple in its design, the game is fun but not at all trivial as balls are falling very fast. Level can be adjusted after the first game. MotionMath won an Editor's Choice Award for Excellence in Design from Children's Technology Review. $0.99

Computer & DS Games

Use math, reading, social studies and science skills to save the Earth in this CD-Rom Adventure game. Recommended for ages 9-12.

Mechanical Games

The old good Fifteen Puzzle by ThinkFun.

Free Online Educational Fun

Pentominoes by Scholastic
Inspiring Math Doodling by Vi Hart
Hit and Match (also known as Bulls and Cows) game by Gilad Oved for TheMathMom

Interactive age-sorted puzzles in Numbers & Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement and Data Analysis. This great national library of virtual manipulatives is created by Utah State University.


Head Rush on The Science Channel - science has never been so cool. Beats iCarly!

Many of my readers involve their middle schoolers in our Family Puzzle Marathon.